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Indiana Hog Roaster Pricing


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Roaster hog cost based on a per pound basis & dependent on current market prices and the size of the hog needed.

The average total price for the hog runs between $200-$300.

Hog Processing

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$100 dollars covers the full processing of your hog purchase at Maxwell Meats and Processing.

Roaster Rental

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If you just need to rent one of our rotisserie roasters, the rental fee is $150.

Processed Hog Pickup Location:

Maxwell Meats and Processing
228 North Main Street Maxwell, IN 46154

Cooker Pickup Location:


Indiana Hog Roaster scheduling
Call John Simmermon at 765-621-9576


Indiana Hog Roaster

1. Lower jack to just slight tilt of cooker towards the rear.

2. Put hog on spit. Put threaded rod beside back bone and puncture through the back. Please do not pound on spit. Bolt down with angle iron and nuts. Be sure to keep hog inside the boundaries of the spit. Look at scratch marks.

3. Wrap hog with 2 layers of heavy duty foil. Be sure to cover both ends of hog.

4. Put chicken wire over aluminum foiled hog. Secure with wire.

5. Cooking Temperature of Cooker – 300’ to 325’

6. Hours to Cook – 8-9 hrs.

7. 6-8 of 20 lb. bags of charcoal

8. Put rock under lid for more air to get it started.

9. Let cook for 1 hour before starting rotisserie.

10. Start checking with meat thermometer after 6 hours – goal of 170’

11. Do not OVERCOOK (meat will fall off of spit and dry out) If hog starts to flop around, turn off rotisserie.

12. Turn rotisserie off for last hour of cooking.

13. Let meat rest 1/2 hour before carving

14. PLEASE CLEAN OUT ASHES BEFORE RETURNING. Return by Monday morning. Don’t forget to return cooker thermometer. Don’t forget to repin spit to the drive motor.

Any questions about our Indiana Hog Roaster call John’s cell at 765-621-9576.

Our Customers

“We hosted 90 people and it was just a wonderful experience. The meat was excellent and the total roasting experience is still a great story to tell. Thanks John and your helpful guys.
“I have had 12 annual hog roats, 11 of which we used Simmermon Farm’s roasters. They just keep getting easier and better. The instructions really helped the first couple of times, but after a few, its fun to tweak and make it your own. I wouldn’t go anywhere but Simmermon Farms…great pork, great roasters and really nice people.”
This was our first experience roasting a hog and the instructions they included were very helpful. It was a great time and several people asked about doing one. We hosted a neighborhood get together and will absolutely do it again.
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